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There is nothing like hanging out on your dock. We like it so much we design and build them for just about every occasion. Shore Side Docks offers docks that float, docks that you can wheel in and out, docks you can lift up in the air, docks that are affordable and last a lifetime. You can easily design your own setup, add on to it each year, change it around as your needs change, or even sell it, enjoying one of the highest resale values in the business.

Classic Dock

The original Shore Side Dock (and our most affordable) made from rugged 6061T Structural Grade Aluminum. The Classic features a light weight welded aluminum frame with 5” tubular side rails and 1½” X 2” cross bars every 28” we add a 1” X 1” stringer right up the middle from end to end. Independent dynamically adjustable legs use set screws to adjust leg height with no holes to align providing for more accurate leveling. 2” x 2” Leg pockets are welded inside and below the deck for a more stable, solid leg support system, which also allows for Shore Side Docks famously attractive clean deck and side look with no obstructions. Drop in decking panels provide for easy installation and removal and complete the clean no seam traditional look of this beautiful dock.


Classic Floating Dock

Classic Floating Docks are built using our exclusive high quality 6061T Structural Grade Aluminum extrusions welded together with 5” tubular side rails and 1½” X 2” cross bars every 28” with an additional 1” X 1” stringer right up the middle from end to end.

Our floating docks stay afloat using EPS foam encapsulated by a shell manufactured from linear virgin polyethylene resin containing UV inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultraviolet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack resistance and low temperature impact performance. Resin is also in compliance with FDA title 21. This is a resin that will exhibit resilience against bumps by watercraft and contact deterioration from petroleum products. The encasement is recyclable and is of a food grade material that will not contaminate waterways.

Shore Side Docks Floating dock proudly rides atop the water finished with our drop-in decking design that provides that great clean deck and side rail for a beautiful, easy to maintain (and enjoy) dock system.


Custom Dock

Need something wider, longer, shorter, tighter? We and our team of experienced dock providers can work with you to affordably bring your vision of the perfect waterfront living space alive.

Our commercial systems include private and public marinas, condo and neighborhood associations, and camps, and clubs. We can interface with your existing systems to evolve from older stuff to newer stuff, or we can redesign a system that may better suit your site and your current needs


Decking Options


Trac Dock

Beauty affording an extraordinary value in waterfront living space. Built from the same high quality 6061T Structural Aluminum as our other docks, Trac Dock adds strength and convenience to our light weight welded aluminum frame using a 5” x 1 1/4” tubular side rail with a unique dual track system running along the side and bottom of the frame. With 1½” X 2” cross bars every 28” and a 1” X 1” stringer running up the middle from end to end, Trac Dock is rugged, stable, and long lasting.

But by far the best thing about Trac Dock is that it is so easy to set up, install, and remove. Set up is a breeze with the ability to attach, remove, or relocate options and accessories on, from, and around the system without drilling. Check out our growing selection of cool, clever, and convenient add-ons that let you easily outfit your dock space to suit your needs and impress your neighbors. Make it easy to install and remove. Track Dock can be equipped with wheels, stationary legs, floats, or you can configure a combination of leg styles. Choose from a variety of shore end, lake end, and dock connection interfaces including our exclusive Trac Cap which provides the same elegant and useful track system on the end of your dock as you have on the sides.

Drop in decking panels provide for easy installation and removal and complete the clean no seam traditional look of this extraordinary dock.




Boat Lift



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